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It is our greatest pleasure to hear from families we've served after the service is over. We receive many letters, cards and emails thanking us for our care and attention during their time of need and those words warm our hearts and affirm that we are truly here to serve.

If we have served your family and you would like to share your thoughts, please write your own testimonial.

During this extremely hard time in my families lives they were extremely compassionate and understanding of what we were going through. They are all around just amazing!! My last vision my Mom was how beautiful and peaceful she looked...you would have never known she was sick...thank you from the bottom of my heart that meant so much to me.

Vickie Ford September 8, 2019

We have been to showings here at Boersma funeral home and were always impressed with the professionalism and care for the families. We chose a pre arranged funeral for my dad here and when that time came the Boersma family made this time of grief for us a comforting one. We could never say Thank You enough to the Boersma family for the care and assistance in our time of loss. Thank You for the dedication and effort you put forward in these times of need. The Doege Family extends a big blessing to your family. THANKS

Dan&Priscilla Doege August 14, 2019