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January 11, 2009

It has definitely been a while. Andy and I had a nice quiet Christmas Break. Everyone was here for Christmas Eve and a good time was had by all.

I will definitely be starting the 'page' three next entry. The last few weeks have been rough again, more of an emotional issue than anything else. The reality of possibly not being around next year, or the following year, or maybe the year after that is a very scary issue. The Lord knows what he wants me to do, who he wants me to help, and I'm sure that I'll do my part when the 'time' is 'right', but this is so scary at times. You want to be here for your children, and hopefully someday grandchildren, but you never know, and having had cancer makes this all so much more real and threatening. I've got to dig myself out of this hole I seem to have fallen into, God will help me if I ask. I've been asking, but wow what a hole. I thank God for the rest that I managed to get over break to give me strength to tackle the new students I now have again. Remember January is like August to me, new classes and a new bunch of kids to get settled into the routine. On January 19th I start a Finance class for 6 weeks, and when it is finished I will have only one more to go. Can't wait for all of this to be over! The light at the end of that tunnel is getting brighter all of the time.

This is a link to a really neat video on youTube. A hospital bought pink latex gloves for everyone and they danced to a song for Breast Cancer Awareness. Enjoy the link.


Februrary 15, 2010

It has been a while, but I'm doing well. I started another class, Finance. It is really difficult, but I only have 2 more weeks to go and it will be over. Then there is only one more class in this quest for a second master's degree. I will hopefully start that class on March 31st.

I can't believe I have begun having 2 year anniversaries, for my diagnosises, and procedures. February 28th makes 2 years from my double mastectomy. February 7th was a little rough, we celebrated my grandmother's 87th birthday, while I remembered a phone call telling me that I had cancer. Some days bother me, most do not. I guess keeping busy helps to not think or dwell on these things that have happened.

March 3, 2010

Good Morning Wednesday. Today I go to visit with the Oncologist in Crown Point after school. Just a 3-month check -up, I should be doing well. I feel better than I have in a long time and I'm hoping that it continues. This past weekend was the 2 year anniversary of my first surgery. It was a little difficult dealing with that during the week, but school and everyone kept me busy for the most part.

Saturday is Andy's 51st birthday - I haven't planned anything yet, as I'm waiting for Nick and Amanda to tell me what day is best for them. They are almost half way finished with their master's degree from Indiana Wesleyan (online). I'm so proud of them for doing this now and together. It is funny to hear them comment on who is finished with the week's homework, or ahead of the other.

March 24, 2010

Well, after my visit with the Oncologist, I will now be on 6-month check-ups. It sounds scary, as now doctor appointments and blood checks will be farther apart. Now Spring and Fall will be check-up times for this. I have to remember to make some phone calls in a couple months for appointments in June with my OB/Gyn and my Plastic Surgeon. It seems like it has been so long since I saw them. Sometimes, time flies and other times it drags by. You worry, but try not to because worry and stress are not good for you. Keeping yourself busy seems the only answer, but trying to find what works now is difficult. I used to enjoy crocheting, but this doesn't seem to keep my brain occupied anymore. I enjoy turning ink pens on my wood lathe, but one cannot do that when you are tired, way too dangerous.

Today, my garage arrived at the house. I cannot believe that there will be mo more cleaning snow off from my truck in the moring on those wintery mornings when it snowed the night before. (That is if I remember to put the truck in the garage!) I am sure that I will remember to use the garage. I actually cannot wait for it to be finished, but I'm sure after looking at it all, that this will be a project that takes a few weeks for sure.

April 12, 2010
Went to the dentist today - 6-month check-up, all was well/good. This past weekend 3/5ths of our new garage went up. The weather was so good. Sunday evening, Andy and I snuck down to the lake and spent the night. We then had to hurry home as the funeral home, got busy. This is really nothing new, as I start my last class Tuesday, it seems like it always happens this way. I'm glad this will be the last class. I'm tired of taking classes. I like to learn, but I think sometimes I've pushed too much or been pushed too much. I'm looking forward to the summer, and getting some rest and time with family and friends.
June 13, 2010

I know it has been a while. Next week I go to the OB/Gyn and the Plastic Surgeon again. Today I'm at the Coroner's Conference with Andy, in Indianapolis. I'm feeling really well this year. Just tired when I do not get enough good sleep. The school year finished well and I have completed the coursework for the second master's degree (Business Administration) from the University of Phoenix - online. This has proven to be a challenging group of classes, that I have learned a lot from. I understand Andy's business better, and have worked to optimize the inner workings. We are doing fine.

Some one asked me if I had to do it all again, what would I do. I'd pretty much do everything that I've already done. The only part that I might not do is the implants. This really depends on what you want, and at the time you have to make some hurried, but educated decisions. You can wait with this, but if you do then it is another couple of surgeries to go through, which makes it that much more difficult. Having 4 surgeries in 16 months and chemo, left my brain a little 'foggy' as I have decided to call it. But this was for a brief period of time and my brain/memory is working well again - other than for those 16+/- months.

June 27, 2010

Well, received good results on the pap's test. Also, good news that the implants help Dr's feel for lumps too. So I guess all is well and that everything worked out as it should.

In case anyone has missed it - I started a newspaper for Wheatfield - the Wheatfield Gazette - not sure I really like the name, but no one was helping me think of one or researching if we could use an older one. The first edition went out this week and I'm working on the next edition. Don't know if this will be a weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly paper just yet. Most of this will depend on when I have time and if anyone helps me with the information/news. The next edition will have a memories of Wheatfield theme.

July 14, 2010

Went to the plastic surgeon today, Dr. Mike. All is well, and I'm doing like everyone else at this stage of the 'game'. Some movements are strange. Still feels really weird when I use my chest muscles too much or for something too heavy.

July 20, 2010, Happy 31st Anniversary Andy - Love you!

July 29, 2010

Today I received a wonderful phone call from Phoenix. My enrollment and academic counselor called to make sure I had received my diploma and that all was well. It is so wonderful to have so many truly caring people in this world. I know that this is what has kept me going these last few years. Brett you have gone from a fiend taking classes with me to a wonderful counselor who helped guide and encourage me to keep going, yet understood that I still needed some surgeries or other procedures and time was needed inbetween classes. Thanks so much for helping everyone at Phoenix understand that I would get this degree, but had to do it on my terms. Samantha, thank you for being there and understanding that I could not take classes consecutively at the end. You also helped me to take classes with new friends as I progressed down this journey.

September 6, 2010

Labor Day

School began August 17, 2010, with students. This year will sure be different teaching 5 'book' classes and 1 computer class. Usually it is, 5 computer classes and 1 book class. I'm sure that I will be feeling like a first year teacher again. Lots of work to do, but I'll get through this. Glad that I did so much Finance work as soon as school was out in June.

Later this month I go to the Oncologist, Dr. Drasga, in Crown Point. This will be the first 6-month check-up, so it will definitely be different. I know it has been a while since I've seen them. Sometimes I miss them, and other times I do not. It is a constant reminder of something most people would rather forget.

My grandmother, Mary Bruechet passed away August 6, 2010, which left a lot for me to handle with little help from others.

December 5, 2010

It has been a while since I've written everyone. Teaching school is keeping me really busy this year. Teaching 'book' classes like Business Foundations, Personal Finance, and Business & Personal Law and only one computer class, is really different, and yet very similar. It is just that I've not taught these classes before and needless to say it takes more work when you have not taught a class before. I'm really enjoying teaching these classes, especially the finance class as students are realizing just how important it is to save, plan and prepare for the future.

Healthwise, I'm doing pretty good. Went to the oncologist in October and will return in March for a 6 month check-up. I believe I see my original surgeon at that time too. The plastic surgeon and Ob/Gyn are both due in June again. I don't know how Andy and I kept going to all of these Dr's separate and didn't miss an appointment before.

I'm wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

Jaunary 16, 2011
Wow, how time flies when you are having fun. Christmas break was all too short with Andy and I getting a sinus something the first week. The fortunate side is we were getting better just before Christmas Eve so that was good. We spent the rest of break working on our new project, which we will hopefully get to enjoy this next year. (More later on that one.) I can't believe that February 29th makes 3 years from the first surgery. Now I've got you thinking about when that date rolls around. It really won't until next year which will make 4 years at that time.
March 2011

It has been a while, but this will be a long month. This makes 3 years now since my first original surgery, so check-ups are in order with Dr. Tom and then later with my Oncologist, Dr. Ray Drasga during spring break. I've been doing well, but have been tired. It is something how 5 or 6 hours of sleep catches up with you, when you are one of those who needs 7 or 8 hours of sleep. One of these days I'll learn that the 10 o'clock news isn't the one I should watch, and pay more attention to the earlier news. Or better yet, I should be home to watch it, not at the funeral home. Ya, right - paperwork to do there and help get everything ready for each service. Andy's had a cold, and I'm hoping that I do not get it. Many of the kids at school have had some sort of flu or something. Many are out for 2 to 4 days before they come back to school.

Andy had his 52nd Birthday the other day - March 6th. We tried to have a quiet weekend, but that was not to be. We are both so tired from last week.

June 2011

Andy made it to one day of the Funeral Director's Conference, then he needed to stay home to do some things.

Well, all too soon it will be time to visit the plastic surgeon (Dr. Mike for short) at the end of the month. I'm glad that school is out and for the first time in a long time, summer vacation is feeling like just that. We are enjoying some R&R at our lake cottage, but just seems like we can't get more than a couple of days in a row off. Maybe later. ;-)

Coroner's Conference was good. One of these days I will finish that Certificate too. What's one more at this point in my life. Might as well keep collecting them as I go along and the opportunity presents itself.

August 2011
Well school has started and I'm feeling pretty good. Maybe a little tired, but really doing well. The end of September marks another 6 month check-up with Dr. Drasga, my oncologist. I'm hoping all goes well.
End of September 2011

Well, it has bee 3.5 years and all check-ups this month went well. Bone density test came back sound. Still waiting for comfirmation on my blood test, but I'm sure they would have called me if there were something wrong. Feeling good, but not looking forward to this winter. The almanac predictions do not sound good.

Blood counts are good. Someone asked lately "Aren't you feeling well? Then you are just fine!" Well, I wish it was that simple. I felt just fine when they found the cancer several years ago. Feeling good isn't always an indication of cancer.

February 2012

Life has been busy, and school and Andy keep me hopping. The funeral home has been increasingly busy this winter. Life is a schedule more and more.

Last month I filed for District 16 - House of Representatives for the State of Indiana. This will be a new challenge, and a new phase in my life if everyone decides to vote for me. In order to defeat Doug Gutwein from Francesville, I will need everyone to vote 'REPUBLICAN' that is able. District 16 takes in the northern part of Newton County, the northern part of Jasper County, 3 townships in Starke (Wayne, California, and North Bend), all of Pulaski County, and a couple of townships in Fulton County.

I want to represent the working class people who's voice has not been heard of late. I will welcome your input in decisions down state. Most of you know that I grew up on a farm, just north of DeMotte, married Andy Boersma, 32 years ago, have a wonderful son, Nicholas who is married to Amanda. I hold a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education, a Master's degree in Education, and another Master's degree in Business Administration. I am a distant cousin to the late Charles Halleck who served in Washington during the mid to late 60's, during the Civil Right's movements. I have been a teacher at the elementary level and the high school level for 18 years now. I believe it is time to help make a bigger difference in the communities.

Next note - February 29th marks 4 years from the first 'big' surgery, the end of March I will start visits/check-ups with Doctors again. I feel well, but I did at the time when the cancer was found.

Also, Please keep Joe and Jenny Misch's granddaughter (Krissy & Mike's daughter) in your prayers. She has had the brain cancer removed, but will begin cancer treatment on her birthday this month. There will be two rounds of chemo, then radiaiton, then two more rounds of chemo. Having been 'there' I know how much prayer helps, and I'm asking for some help for this little girl who will be 3 very soon. The family is at Riley's in Indianapolis.

March 2012

Check-ups went well - all is good see you in 6 months. So I will continue.

May 2012

Well I gave politics a run, and caused a great uproar. I tried to become the State Representative down in Indianapolis, for District 16; which is an area that covers 5 different counties. Newton County from Morocco north, Jasper County from Rensselaer north, all of Pulaski County, 3 townships in Starke County, and 2 townships in Fulton County. I did well for my first run in politics loosing by a little over 1000 votes. Somehow, we need to educate people that they have to vote in May, not just in November. May is where you decide who will be on the ballot in November. This can be very important as the voter turn out is so poor, that this is not a true representation of what the communities really want to choose from.

Having to declare your politics isn't fun for many people either. Many do not realize that in November you can vote for whoever you want to, but in May you have to declare if you are REPUBLICAN or DEMOCRAT. Personally, I think that we should be able to vote for whomever we want to in May just like in November, but until someone down state changes that ruling or law this will continue.

I also believe that this state needs to be in one time zone, that we need to keep our right to keep and bare arms, and protect unborn children. I don't understand how sometimes people draw conclusions based on their assumptions from no information at all. Such is the life of politics. Amazing how everyone all of a sudden knows you, when they really do not.

December 2012

I have been substitute teaching at K.V.H.S. since my retirement from NJ-SP. I cannot believe that in March it will be 5 years. My how time flies when you are and are not having fun. Cancer is an interesting enemy that many people fight in so many different ways. I hope that no one reading this has to deal with it in any fashion, but usually if you are reading this you are doing so because you care about me or want to use this to help a friend. I am glad that this has helped several of you out there to help a friend by understanding the rollar coaster that this sends people on. The ride is the bumpiest that anyone can imagine, yet you really find out who your friends are. (Just like in the song - And you learn to live like you were dying in some fashion.)

Andy and I flew to Disney World in late September, only to discover that 5 days really isn't enough time to see this place. We plan to return in a couple of years. In the mean time a trip to Washington DC is being thought about. I hope we can go in the spring. They say it is the best time to visit that area. We will see what happens........

Merry Christmas to everyone!! Spend some time with your family and friends, hold them dear; you never know just how long you will have them with you.

June 2013

Well, I've made it through the 5 year check-up.Everyone tries to make me feel better, but those check-ups are scary. I felt fine when they originally found the cancer, so feeling 'fine' or 'good' doesn't necessarily mean everything is all 'good.' I remember very plainly when the Oncologist said, "Maybe we can get you another 5 or 10 years." Well, I want more than that - but this ride that has become my life is just scary. I'm actually more afraid of these next 5 years than I was of the first. I take each day as it comes and as God blesses me with another day, I try to realize that I shouldn't worry, and for the most part I do not worry. That is until someone says something, anything can change a thought pattern and there it is again.

We made it out to Boulder, Colorado to see our nephew Keith marry Katie. I wish them well. We took the long way out there and viewed many places: The Corn Palace, The Badlands, YellowStone, Grand Tetons, Jackson Hole Wyoming and a very up close and personal visit with a Prong Horn Antelope - who decided it wanted to ride inside our new truck cab. What an experience that was! We got to see many wonderful sights. I really understand now how the 'bad guys' could hide from the Marshalls back in the early pioneer days. You could hide from someone not 20 feet from you in those craters and no one would know you were there! That is unless your horse gave you away by making a noise or something. Nice places to visit and see once in your life.

September 2013

A very dear friend has passed away from cancer. Her's started with breast cancer too, so it is bringing up unwanted thoughts. Why me, why am I still here, how long will I be around, and I want more than the 5 to 10 years the oncologist said I might get. If this is the case, I'm in my last 5 years. "Live like you were dying" is a scary thought, but seems like a reality right now. Andy's been taking time off and he doesn't know that he's been doing my 'bucket list' which makes me wonder. I know God's the one in charge, but there are times, you wish you could see into the crystal ball for what the future holds.

Someone said - You are cancer free aren't you? Well, I don't know that any more. They have only done blood tests and that comes back 'ok' as far as the marker goes, but that doesn't guarantee everything is 'ok'. Breast cancer can come back in many forms, and when you start chemo, the types of cancer they tell you about with taking chemo, you increase your chances of getting about 12 other types of other cancers. I wish at times that someone had to deal with this, maybe she would understand finally, but I really doubt it. This is a bad thought, forgive me, but if you knew who I am speaking of you might excuse me.

A dear friend of mine has also contracted a cancer, tomorrow is her day for surgery. I know she would appreciate prayers. Good news - she should be just fine!!

September 2014

Wow! I cannot believe it has been an year since I've added something. Time has flown by. I had a slight scare with skin cancer in the spring, but all is good now hopefully. I have crocheted a lot of lap blankets or baby blankets this past year, and donated several to the needy children's group in Rensselaer, gave some as gifts, etc.

I've taken a position at K.V.H.S. as the Learing Lab Coordinator. Trying to keep students from failing classes.


I had a couple more moles taken off, these came back 'ok' so I am doing well.

Blood tests are good, counts are good, just have been so busy.

Thinking of playing with politics again.................

April 2016





Fall 2016

I am sorry, that I did not write much last year.

I am running for Jasper County Coroner. No one is running against me in the May primary, so I will make it to the November election.

This year has been going well. My counts last month were the best that they have ever been a 16! I've always averaged between 21 & 23 before. I'm feeling stronger than I have been in a long time too. Even on nights when sleep does not come as easily as it used to I can function for the day. Something else has changed too, I can actually fall asleep, as long as I am not wound up, fairly easily. I haven't been able to do that in what seems like forever. Actually cannot remember when this was the normal.

I am hoping to take a fishing trip this summer - back to Wisconsin. It has been since we opened the funeral home that we have gone to Rice Lake. I hope the fishing is good. Just need to sit on the water and remember.

Oh the fishing trip to Rice Lake Wisconsin happened, but unfortunately I broke my left ankle and had to deal with that the rest of the summer. Took till January to really get to walking sort of normal, but at least I was walking. Crutches weren't for me, and a wheel chair wasn't fun either. I had a knee scooter that worked pretty good, but Andy loaned it out to someone else, when I still needed it for Walmart trips. Large stores are always an issue.

March 2017

I cannot believe that it is March - In January I was sworn in as the first female Jasper County Coroner.

I have retired from teaching after 20 years.

Spring 2018

Well, it has been 10 years. The oncologist said "maybe we can get you 5 to 10 more years". I guess I was lucky and made it this far. For some reason it has been very rough this year. Andy was kind and gave in to my wanting a 'fur baby'. We now have a bloodhound named: Dr. 'Holi' Holiday, she has brought tears, and laughter back into this house. She can be so much fun, so loving, and just plain silly. Boy does she have an attitude at times when you correct her, just like any young child these days has.

Yearly check-ups are around the corner and hopefully all is well. Remember I felt fine the year they found everything, so it is always scary.

Everyone - take care and hold your loved ones dearly.

Being the County Coroner, has again brought emotions of losing loved ones to the surface. I'm doing fine.

Fall 2018

I can't believe that it is the first of September! Time flies these days and for some reason the time goes even faster the older you get. Take care everyone, have a great fall and holiday season!



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